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  • Welcome to Baker County, Oregon!

    If you're dreaming of a little time away from it all, we invite you to visit Baker County, Oregon. With the Elkhorn Mountain Range to our west and the Wallowa Mountains to our east we have unlimited recreation opportunities including pristine lakes and mountain rivers, miles of hiking trails, as well as shopping and distinctive dining experiences in Baker City's historic downtown, commercial districts and our small towns.

    The Baker County Chamber of Commerce’s primary goal is improving the local business climate and building a better community.

  •  Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce

    Our mission is to promote a United Baker County as a place  to visit, live and do business; enhance and foster economic vitality, while embracing our heritage and providing for our future.

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  • Thank You to Our Sponsors

  • 91st Annual Chamber Awards Banquet Highlights

    Business of the Year: Kicks Sportswear

    Man of the Year: Kenny Keister, The Windshield Doctor

    Woman of the Year: Diana Brown, Les Schwab

    Legacy Man of the Year: JR Streifel, Grumpy’s

    Legacy Woman of the Year: Deanna Davis, Baker Volunteer

    Entrepreneur of the Year: Kristen McAdams, KM Real Estate Co.

    Excellence in Agriculture: Rocky Randall, Eagle Valley

    Service Organization of the year: Baker City Events