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About Us

Nugget CBD is Eastern Oregon's first CBD-only retailer featuring a premiere selection of natural pain relief, high-quality health and wellness products. We offer the top brands in the CBD industry. A premiere selection of health and wellness products! We bring to you all of the products that we have mined the industry for. Providing exceptional 3rd and 4th Party Tested products into one place.
Our collection is presented to you at our pleasure and for your convenience. We have locations where you can meet a Nuggeteer, and this website to help you find the perfect NUGGET that’s truly a keeper.
Our mission is to provide a variety of carefully selected CBD products to our customers and their loved ones. Our goal is to provide our customers with the knowledge to understand the benefits of CBD and to deliver high quality products with genuine service. We strive to deliver consistent and exceptional service and knowledge to our valued customers in the comfort of their own homes.
The primary mission of 4th Party Tested products is to provide consumer confidence in CBD products. The 4th Party Tested program confirms manufacturers packaging claims of cannabinoid content. This is achieved by cannabinoid verification through independent and precise testing of the final manufactured product. The founders of 4th Party Tested quickly identified the need for such testing after hearing customers’ concerns regarding product contents, varying State standards, and Federal and State regulations. The 4th Party logo assures retailers and customers that cannabinoid potency levels are confirmed.